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The netro app can help you better manage your netro smart devices, allowing you to remotely control your devices and monitor your garden, learn about local weather conditions, and more.
Netro APP manual run watering. Netro APP manual run watering.
The netro app provides real-time local weather conditions and zone information, and now you can set time zones to water through the app, making garden management smarter and easier.
Netro APP provides real-time local weather conditions and zone information.

Schedule Management

Review/preview/adjust/add watering schedule on the same page (include smart watering, program and manual watering)
Schedule Management Netro Whisperer
A close look at your garden.
More plant and local information is provided, as well as equipment related information and questions.
Configure your planting information. Your watering schedule needs to be tailored to your plant type and land properties. This will make it possible to water more scientifically and create your smart garden.
Configure your planting information.
Plant Database Your watering schedules are customized to the particular needs of your plants
Plant Database
Graphical statistics display for you. Monitor and calculate your monthly and weekly water consumption, and view historical rainfall information.
Graphical statistics display for you.
Data Statistics View total water savings statistics and water bill savings.
Data Statistics
Regulation Info Based on the location of the automatic matching in accordance with the local regulations and regulations, to help you make a reasonable watering schedule, open your smart garden mode.
Netro Spark
Regulation Info